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released March 21, 2014

Recorded at The Pit by Taylor Young // Mastered by Brad Boatright(Audiosiege)



all rights reserved


NOMADS Los Angeles, California

Outlaw Punx

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Track Name: Holocaust Wall
head to the north to prosper tomorrow
then they vanish en route & most feel no sorrow
march into heat, not much chance of survival, relief
a race for a future against natural hell
most ending results are death or a cell
violently protect our line in the sand
even though we're the cancer we treat them like disease
keep them beneath us, on their knees
we build up our fences to "protect" ourselves but they mean us no harm
holocaust wall
Track Name: Bite Back
never on knees, dwelling deep in the streets
hate us, we hate you, but the war won't complete
until the abuse ceases, bastards decease
until the concrete is painted with blood we won't sleep
you gotta bite back when you're under the gun
no law like no law, our law is none
Track Name: From Out of Nowhere
originally by Driller Killer
Track Name: When The Dust Clears
numb brain, no pain, easy way up
blood stream flowing with a new found power
full speed ahead
when the dust clears
break up, line up, take it all in
the fury begins when you start to breath in
line 'em up
hate dust, death lust, only way I know
only going up until we crash below
ride to death..ride to death
Track Name: White Night
lost lonely creatures, too far gone to see
don't believe in a system, just believe in me
eyes forward, stand in line, and follow as I lead
to a place without prejudice, a place that's truly free
i chose each of you, you're the true enlightened few
the ones most deserving of a life of spiritual truth
the key to salvation in a jungle to the south
where there's only one way in and death is your way out
bow, as you receive what you need
the love, equality, means to set you free
and on this night you will see. you have free will but I pull the strings
drink up and face all your fears but believe in me
who are believers? only time will tell
even nonbelievers will drink as well
don't look above or below
because god and the devil are right here in front of you
sheep of the flock, leave your loved ones behind you
prepare to head into the light, prepare yourself for doom
sheltered from society, and all judgmental eyes
banished into slavery, awaiting your demise
heal you from suffering, your pain will finally cease
for this isn't any tragedy if you rest in peace
one by one, we sip, onto crosses we are nailed
wish I could see there faces when we show them how society's failed
Track Name: Altercate
thirsting for tension
lust to create pain
for any and everyone
life's agenda is self destruct
blood feeds the earth
taught to fill graves from birth
man's ego is fragile
and vicious when disturbed
we rip, we tear, we smother, we bury, we self destruct