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released March 19, 2012



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NOMADS Los Angeles, California

Outlaw Punx

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Track Name: Nomads - Insomaniac
Smoke into lungs, hell bent on destruction,
Mind set to death, because I can't cease to function.

Salvation is found, twelve stories down.
Escape from this nightmare awaits on the ground

Chemical flight into paranoid madness
Embrace the ride or embrace the casket
Track Name: Slaughterhouse
Went looking for a bust, ended up with a fire fight
Just leveling the playing field since we ain't got no rights
Eyes burn as I try to aim straight.
I may be dead but I'm taking you with me
Never look to me for sympathy
Eye for an eye, I don't feel anything

Now you've had your fun, are you prepared to die?
Injustice corrected in the blink of an eye
Place the gavel in the peoples' hand
Guilty, you reap what you sew
Take your last breath as we put you below

Went looking for a man, now you're faced with a monster, an animal
Harassed and frustrated, one can only take so much
You can't hide forever in the shelter of the law
Show yourself and be slaughtered
Prepare to meet your maker
Step into the light, now it's your turn to suffer

Track Name: Rot
Searching for peace
And its a hopeless dream
Crawl thru the filth as the nightmare repeats
Numbed, in a haze, live each day and then repeat
Poison into veins to put your mind at ease
There is no relief, no saviours, no peace
The war will never cease til we put ourselves to sleep
We are disease, parasite that eats the earth
planet plagued w/ sickness, only death will be the cure

Freedom arrives the moment your mind dies and rots away
Freedom arrives the moment your mind dies
Nothing worth saving so fuel the worlds demise
Giving up never felt so right

A world thats diseased, full of selfishness and greed
Don't care who we step on just to take the things we need
Poor vs the rich or black vs white
An antidote, release, in a glass of cyanide
Planet's infected, in our hands we hold the cure
Only mass extermination rids the evil from the world
Corruption, deception, and there's no such thing as heaven
So drink up your medicine and hope you sleep forever